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Reggie’s Motorworks 11th Annual Open House!

Welcome to the Reggie's Motorworks blog!  Last weekend we hosted our 11th Annual Open House, and it was a fantastic day!  It was a hot and sunny day, however, we had an amazing turnout with so many wonderful people and great cars!  We couldn't have asked for a better day to say thank you to

The Vintage 2018: Our 9th Annual Trip to North Carolina

Happy Friday, friends!  Here in Noblesville it seems we’ve fast-forwarded right past Spring into Summer!  In North Carolina, however, the Spring rain storms kept normally hot and humid temps at bay and didn’t hamper the fun and enthusiasm of the weekend’s events one bit! Reggie and I drove with the 1968 2002 in the trailer (no

What’s the Difference?

Reggie here, back writing my monthly edition of the blog. The format between Stephanie and I seems to be shaping up. For now, I am focusing on one of my passions, which is some of the more business-related content. That's not to say I won't end up writing about cars, because I surely will! Stephanie