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Is Your Check Engine Light On?--Reggie’s Motorworks

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Most of us have been there before. We’re driving down the road minding our own business, and out-of-nowhere a dashboard alert comes on–the check engine light. This may be confusing to us because there are no other warning signs coming from the vehicle. Drivers should not panic, but they shouldn’t ignore the check engine light either. Your vehicle’s check engine light was designed to give you plenty of time to get to Reggie’s Morwork in Noblesville, IN. Our team is waiting for your arrival and is ready to give you all the answers to the questions you now have. We discourage all motorists from trying to self-diagnose their vehicle’s check engine light.

The problem that triggered the check engine light could be anything from a loose gas cap to a transmission repair need. Let us find out for you and get your repairs started on the right foot. Choosing the wrong repair shop can mean a time-consuming misdiagnosis and an unnecessary repair. Choosing the right repair shop–Reggie’s Motorworks will mean a quick but thorough diagnosis and an accurate repair solution. Don’t waste time – get your check engine light diagnosed by our experts. The initial light will be a solid red/orange light and this should lead you to the phone or our online scheduling system.

We Solve Check Engine Light Mysteries

When owners wait too long to get their check engine lights diagnosed, the dashboard light will eventually start to blink. This blinking signals an emergency and means your vehicle is about to break down completely. Reggie’s Motorworks doesn’t want to see you stranded on the side of the road anymore than you want to be there. If your check engine light is flashing your next stop should be our expert facility. If you’re able to make it to us, we’ll let you know what’s happening under the hood and fix it for you. We stand proudly behind all of our auto repairs with a 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty. Let’s turn that annoying dashboard light off, and restore your vehicle to its original condition.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Repair Today!

Good timing is crucial when it comes to your check engine light repairs. When you wait too long to receive diagnostic services, you could be doing expensive and irreparable damages to engine components. It’s easy for an inexperienced mechanic to misdiagnose your check engine light, so choose your repair shop wisely. Motorists throughout the Indianapolis area have learned that they can trust Reggie’s Motorworks! Give us a call today at (317) 773-0074 to schedule your check engine light repair service. You can also save time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system.