The repair and service of the alternators in your European vehicles are an important aspect of ensuring the drivability and longevity of your vehicle. Our goal is never to see a client’s car show up on a tow truck, so Noblesville drivers continue to rely on us for auto repair. Our auto mechanics are experienced and educated, along with having a genuine enthusiasm for their job. Combine that with the rest of our team’s courteous and kind attitude, and we think you can see why we are chosen a time and again.

The alternator is a part of our car’s powertrain. It recharges the car’s battery and distributes electricity to your dash lights, radio, and other systems in your vehicle while it is on. If you find your battery is frequently dying, it may be your alternator failing to charge it while the engine is running. With advanced diagnostics systems that are specialized for your vehicle, the team at Reggie’s Motorworks has all the technology and equipment necessary to find the problem and provide a solution to your alternator’s troubles.

We focus on European automobiles, such BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen. Why? To put it simply, they are our favorite vehicles. In fact, Reggie Stewart, the owner of Reggie’s Motorworks, owns a total of five BMWs. We have already invested in the equipment and parts that best serve these cars, so you needn’t worry about off-brand or after-market parts making a mess of your vehicle.

Our passion for maintaining these cars has created a niche market for us, where our friends and customers are also European car-lovers. We are fortunate to have several clients drive over an hour to our auto repair shop for alternator service and repair. For example, take a look at this recent five-star review that was recently shared on our website.

“Reggie’s Motorworks staff has been working diligently to put our 2003 Mercedes Benz SL 500 into a high standard of working order. Purchased at the Mecum Auto Auction last year, several components have had to be replaced. Although expensive, we feel the workmanship and warranty is unparalleled by other specialty auto shops. Always given a full understanding of our car’s issues gives us clarity and peace of mind. Would recommend this excellent auto business model of Noblesville to anyone who loves to take care of their automobile investment.” – Anthony and Sue Smith

The next time you need alternator service, choose Reggie’s Motorworks in Noblesville, Indiana! We will take excellent care of your European vehicle. Reggie’s Motorworks is proud to service and repair vehicles from Hamilton County and beyond, including Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, and Indianapolis. Our auto repair shop is conveniently located at 1362 S. 10th Street, Noblesville, IN 46060. Call us at (317) 773-0074, or use our convenient online scheduling system to make an appointment today.