3rd Annual Swap Meet Tomorrow!

Our 3rd Annual Swap Meet is tomorrow!  We can’t wait to see all the cool stuff that will be here!  Need the details?  Get them on our Facebook events page!    Oh, and it’s May!  And that means it’s almost time for our annual road trip – number 6! – to North Carolina for The Vintage!!!  Here’s a look at our 2014 trip!  We cannot wait to see all of the fantastic cars that will be there!
This oxfordgrun metallic 1995 BWM 840Ci came in for a new A/C compressor, receiver drier, tensioner and belt.  She’s also getting a new serpentine belt tensioner, idler pulley and belt.

2015-04-29_0008 2015-04-29_0009 2015-04-29_0010 2015-04-29_0011 2015-04-29_00172015-04-29_0012

Replacement of a faulty ignition coil and new spark plugs were on the list for this 3-series, a 2008 BMW 328i in platinum bronze metallic.

2015-04-29_0005 2015-04-29_0006 2015-04-29_0007

One of my favorite 2002’s was in the shop this week for an oil change!  And word is that she’ll be coming back this weekend for the Swap Meet as well as our 8th Annual Open House in June!  See more of this riviera 1974 BMW 2002 here, here, and here.  She won Best of Show last year!

2015-04-29_0001 2015-04-29_0002 2015-04-29_0003 2015-04-29_0004


This next car is ours!  She had a check engine light come on over the weekend.  She had a failed high pressure fuel pump that needed attention.

2015-04-29_0013 2015-04-29_0014 2015-04-29_0015 2015-04-29_0016

That’s a wrap for today!  Enjoy the weekend!  See you tomorrow at the Swap Meet!


Written by Reggie Stewart

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