4 reasons to service your car during COVID-19

Most of society is staying at home to stay healthy and to protect our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. So, many of us just don’t need our cars right now, and they are at the back of our minds.

Of course, our front-line workers, such as doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, etc., need their cars now more than ever. For this reason, auto repair is considered an “essential service”. This means we are open for business and servicing anyone who has a need.

While we are giving priority to all of these essential groups, we still have enough capacity to service other vehicles. So, why should you have your car serviced now?

Beat the rush:

I don’t take this term lightly but we need to “flatten the curve” in auto service.

We anticipate a huge demand for auto repair once society is released from the “stay-at-home” order. I don’t know about you, but I have errands to run, family to visit, and restaurants to eat at!! The last thing I want to think about is the oil change I put off or that belt squeak that was on my list before things got put on pause.

Also, cars don’t like to sit. I doubt we’ll see “long-term storage” issues like flat tires and dead batteries, but it is possible. If your car had a marginal battery before this started, sitting for 30/60/90 days could put it over the edge. Also, little oil leaks can become bigger if that seal is left to dry-out for a few weeks and is not heat-cycled regularly.

We want you to be free to move about the world without the stress of car issues. We also want to avoid a 2-week back-log. That’s not good for anyone.

It’s convenient:

If you don’t need your car right now, let us pick it up and take care of it. We have a detailed process on how we handle your car, which includes wearing gloves, disinfecting high-traffic areas, and even airing it out when we drop it off (weather permitting).

Of course, you can also drop it off and use our key drop-box. We have also installed coded lock-boxes so you can access your keys without entering the building. (Of course, we disinfect the keypads and drop-box regularly.)

We have been using digital communications for years, but now they are more important than ever. We will always text or email you photos and/or videos of any concern on your vehicle. We have also recently implemented an online payment option, so you can enter your credit/debit card from home or from your mobile device.

Parts are currently available:

The reality of this is hard to predict, but we are anticipating a possible parts shortage or supply-chain issue in the coming weeks/months, due to the global shut-downs. We’re hoping that other countries have continued allowing auto parts to be manufactured and shipped, but we have to assume that there has been at least some reduced production. A good majority of our parts come from Europe, but of course, European countries have been affected by COVID-19 as well. It is believed that only cheap aftermarket parts come from China, but in reality, German companies like Bosch have been manufacturing select electronic components there for years.

If we do end up with a parts shortage, no one will be able to service your car until parts are back in stock. Let’s just hope that happens faster than we’re seeing paper towels and toilet paper return to shelves!

In-house financing:

One last thing I want to point out, which is something we have offered for years, is in-house financing. I don’t like to drain my bank account on any unexpected purchases, especially not when the economy is in question. When I do buy something like a new TV, I almost always take advantage of the “no interest” offer. Well, we have the same options at Reggie’s Motorworks. We have both 6-month and 12-month no interest/low monthly payment options. We know you need your car to be taken care of. Our hope is that this allows you to spread out your automotive maintenance cost while having the benefit of taking care of everything in just one trip. In other words, you’ll spend the same amount of money (or possibly less) and save valuable time.

This is an unprecedented time for all of us, especially in the fact that everyone around the globe is facing the same struggle. As frustrating as it is, and as much as it is a challenge, I am thankful that we have modern communication that has allowed us to become both aware and to take precautions to keep the majority of people safe. Hopefully, we’ll be able to resume a more normal life before too long!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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