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A Cool 330Ci

More snow and cold weather this week!  The chill of winter seems to have settled here in the Midwest this week!  We haven’t let that stop us from working on our favorite cars though!  Let’s dig right in to some of this week’s projects!

This schwarz 2008 BMW X3 came in for a new drive belt kit to replace a failed tensioner.  She also got new oil filter housing and oil cooler housing gaskets.


New tires, new control arm bushings, transmission fluid top off, new fuel tank vent valve, new steering angle sensor, new battery programmed to the car, an alignment, and 2 straightened wheels were on the list for this 2007 BMW 550i:


A misfire needed to be diagnosed on this alpinweiss III 2006 BMW 330i.  She had a faulty ignition coil.  She also received a brake fluid flush in addition to her 30,000 vehicle check.


This beautiful bimmer  – a 2006 BMW 330Ci in sparkling graphite metallic – just had all of her wheels completely refinished and will soon be off to the paint shop for a freshly painted (and rock chip free) hood and bumper.

2015-02-19_0002 2015-02-19_0003 2015-02-19_0004 2015-02-19_0005 2015-02-19_0006 2015-02-19_0007 2015-02-19_0009

That’s all for this week!  Have a fantastic weekend!

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