A Little TLC + 2002 Project Updates

Happy Friday the 13th!  It’s Valentine’s Eve, so you know what that means…time to find that perfect little something for someone you love!  In our case here at Reggie’s Motoworks, some bimmers got some TLC out in the shop!  Ok, ok, so maybe my segue was a bit of a stretch!  Ha!  Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the happenings around the shop this week!
The transmission in this 5-series was stuck in fail safe mode.  Instead of replacing the transmission or mechatronics, we were able to just replace the solenoid valve:

An oil change was in order for this 3-series:

Illuminated tire pressure monitors brought this 530xi into the shop:


In addition to the 100,000 mile service, which includes replacing the automatic transmission fluid and spark plugs, this 2007 highlandgrun metallic BMW X3 3.0i got new transfer case fluid, a differential fluid service, a brake fluid flush, and an oil and filter change.  We proudly use Genuine BMW Synthetic Oil and BMW OEM filters.  She also had an oil leak and some stiff steering issues to diagnose.


We mentioned last week that Reggie had welded the seat mounts in place in the ’02.  She’s ready for her Recaros!  And you may have seen on our Facebook page that more progress was made regarding repair of the rear panel, just behind the backseats.  There were speaker holes that shouldn’t have been there, and are now deleted, thanks to a salvaged panel from a parts car!  To top things off, earlier this week we received some e24 backseats that we’ll be testing soon for fitment!  This ol’ bimmer is coming together! 



This portion was cut out.  Then the flanges were straightened out with the hammer and dolly.








The recycled replacement panel was prepped and set with panel adhesive before being welded in place.

We’ll be checking out the 56th Annual World of Wheels at the Indiana State Fairgrounds over the weekend!  Check out their website for details and where you can get discount tickets!  

Have a great weekend!



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