A Look at the 50th Birthday Celebration for the BMW 2002 Featuring Mike Self

Happy Friday! Reggie is in Texas for training, and the guys at the shop have been rockin' and rollin', as usual, despite construction taking place just outside in the parking lot.  You'll see what I'm referring to in a few minutes. For now, we're back with images from a fantastic event at our shop, thanks to Hoosier BMW and Mike Self!  A huge thank you to Ben for organizing such a cool event! And to his sweet wife, Lyndsay, for the delicious treats! The shop looked great thanks to the hard work of the RMW team, and we were proud to host so many wonderful people, as well as so many amazing cars!  Thank you to everyone who attended from Bloomington, Lafayette, Columbus, Kentucky, and more!  Thanks so much for making the drive to visit us and to check out this enthusiast event! At one point, Reggie counted over 45 people, and more people arrived after that.  We had beautiful weather and learned even more about the beloved 2002 from Mike Self, columnist for Roundel Magazine.  We were fortunate enough to join a big group of people, including Mr. and Mrs. Self, for dinner that evening.  Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Self, for traveling from Ohio for this event, we hope to see you again soon!   

What an honor it was to have so many wonderful examples of the 2002 in our shop for everyone to admire!

Remember this beauty? The 1600 that we had the honor of restoring! 

Want to see more? Check out the full gallery in our slideshow!

If you follow us on Facebook, you might have seen that construction began on our parking lot last week! We'll soon have a freshly paved lot! 

And our 1984 BMW 633CSi was sent on her way to a new owner and home in Virginia!  We truly enjoyed owning and driving such a wonderful piece of BMW history!  Farewell, Fin!

Thanks for tuning in today, we'll be back soon with more!  Have a fantastic weekend!

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