A Successful Swap Meet + The Shop Van’s New Look!

Happy Friday!  What a beautiful week it’s been!  It feels like summer is here with the heat wave we’ve experienced these past few days!  I’ll take it!  We even had our first #RMWcruisein of the season!  And we couldn’t have asked for better weather for our 3rd Annual Swap Meet last weekend!  We had a fantastic turn out!  It was truly a great day!  Thank you to everyone who attended!  A huge thank you to the RMW team – Nick, Nick, John, James, Shane, and Philipp – for making the shop look awesome for the event!  Here’s a look at the event!
2015-05-07_0033 2015-05-07_0032 2015-05-07_0031 2015-05-07_0030 2015-05-07_0029 2015-05-07_0028 2015-05-07_0027 2015-05-07_0026 2015-05-07_0025 2015-05-07_0024 2015-05-07_0023 2015-05-07_0022 2015-05-07_0021 2015-05-07_0020 2015-05-07_0019 2015-05-07_0018 2015-05-07_0017 2015-05-07_0016 2015-05-07_0015 2015-05-07_0014 2015-05-07_0013 2015-05-07_0012 2015-05-07_0011 2015-05-07_0010 2015-05-07_0008 2015-05-07_0007 2015-05-07_0006 2015-05-07_0005 2015-05-07_0004 2015-05-07_0003



2015-05-07_0002 2015-05-07_0001



If you follow along on our Facebook page, you may have seen the latest look for the shop van!







2015-05-07_0034 2015-05-07_0035 2015-05-07_0036



We hope you’ll join us at our next event, our 8th Annual Open House, on Saturday, June 20th!   One week prior, we’ll be at the Rites o’June High Performance Driving School with Hoosier BMW!  Get more information here!

Stay tuned for more events and gatherings – like our Friday night Cruise-Ins – by checking out our Facebook page!

Have a great weekend!  Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, near and far, those who are with us and those who live on in our hearts!  I sure feel like I’m one darn lucky person to be a proud mama to our son, Remington!  



Written by Reggie Stewart

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