Adios, Rust! And working on a 750il!

Fall weather has set in here at Reggie’s Motorworks.  Just as the leaves turn shades of yellow, orange and red, the rust on this 325ix is turning…well, it’s gone, let’s put it that way!  In review,  last week we showed what Reggie had done so far to remedy this car’s rust issues.   This week, he’s finished the job, and here are the results.
Last week, we showed you that Reggie applied self-etching primer to ward off any future rust that may try to invade.

After the self-etching primer had thoroughly dried, textured paint was applied to match the factory texture in this area.

And then, it was time for red paint and clearcoat.  Ta-da!

We’re glad to get this Red Fury ix back on the road, minus the rust!  In other happenings…we’ll be doing some work on this beast, the 750il.

Here’s the laundry list for this one so far:

1. New engine mounts

2. Upper and Lower control arms (left and right)

3. Upper control arm bushings

Enjoy your weekend!  Stay tuned for more next week!

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