Another busy week at RMW and “Way Fast Whitey” is off to Putnam Park for the weekend!

This week we had some fairly routine work and some fun stuff.  We put a new exhaust on a 325ix for a great local customer. Then we sorted out the Reggie’s Motorworks track car (owned by our good friend Sean for driving schools and auto-x).It will be going to the Windy City BMW CCA driving school at Putnam Park this weekend.  We also found a new home for the 325i that was posted for sale here a couple of weeks back!

The track rat didn’t need anything major, but we finally rebuilt the shift linkage properly. It had a ’95 M3 lever installed a few years back, but it was a quicky job at the time. This time we replaced all of the bushings and such……we even replaced that pesky shift shaft seal that has been leaking forever! Now the shifts are firm and precise, and hopefully the trans will stay a bit more dry.  After that, the sway bar links were replaced, front and rear. The front right wheel bearing was starting to feel a bit grumbly, so that was replaced. Finally, we drained the trans and diff for a fresh serving of Redline fluids.  Now “Whitey” will hopefully provide a trouble free weekend of stress relief therapy for Sean:). We packed him up with the car and some spare bits a few hours ago, so he should be set.

Here are some photos of our last minute track preparations.

Stay tuned, as we will post some photos of the cars, people, and fun from the driving school. Have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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