Auburn 2015

Happy Friday!  If you’re here in the Midwest, we hope you’re enjoying this wonderful late summer/ early fall weather!  Wouldn’t it be great if it were like this year-round?
This week, we’re sharing photos taken at Auburn.  Going to Auburn is one of Reggie’s favorite events of the year!  He loves the cars, the excitement of the auctions, and the treasure hunt in the flea market and antiques for sale!  We shared this event with Remington for the first time, and it’s safe to say that he loved it too!  Buzzing around on the golf cart was one of his favorite parts!  He also learned how to honk the horn!   We took his low-rider wagon for him to cruise around in at the party on the square in downtown Auburn on Friday night.  Remington helped me choose the cars to photograph for the blog, so here goes!  To see the entire gallery, be sure to check out our Facebook page!


We had some interest in the 6-series!  However, she’s just not wanting to leave us yet!


As soon as he saw this old car, he had to get a closer look!  He takes after Reggie for sure – both of them love the lines and fins on this one!

Remington loved seeing these monster trucks!

Until he thought one was after him! Ha!


This one caught Remington’s eye too!  Covered in pennies, there was a sign that said “Please touch!”  Remington gave it a hug and later told me that the penny car was sweet!


Wishing you a fantastic weekend!  We are celebrating Remington’s 3rd birthday!  He’s such a fun little guy!  He loves cars, trains, animals, and anything with wheels!  Happy 3rd Birthday, Remington!!!




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