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Is Transmission Repair Different for Manual vs. Automatic Transmission?

The Inside Scoop on Transmission Repair

Even people who don’t know a lot about cars usually know that there are two kinds of transmissions: automatic and manual. (You may also know “manual transmission” by one of its other nicknames: standard transmission or stick shift. It’s all the same thing!) Most people learn how to drive cars with one transmission or the other. What is the difference between the two varieties, and how is the repair for these kinds of engines different?

The main difference between automatic and manual transmission is how they shift gears. An automatic transmission car will shift gears automatically, depending on the driver’s needs, making it the easier option. The automatic shift allows you to focus on getting to your destination. They’re easier to drive if you live in an area with difficult roads, steep hills, and stop-and-go traffic. Most automatic cars have cruise control, whereas most manual cars lack that feature.

But manual transmission vehicles have advantages, as well. Although they can be more complicated to drive, some benefits of owning a stick shift car are that they offer better gas mileage (although advancements in car technology are close to bridging that gap), and manual transmission vehicles can be a less expensive option when purchasing, plus they can even be less expensive to repair. This is because vehicles that use automatic transmissions have more complicated technology.

In the United States, automatic cars are much more popular among drivers. Therefore, the market has shifted to favor them over the years, making manual transmissions even rarer. Also, not everyone wants to put in the effort that goes into owning and driving a stick shift, as having to constantly be shifting gears can be frustrating. But, on the other side of the coin, people who own and drive manual vehicles often take pride in owning a unique vehicle and having a skill that not everyone possesses. Also, many stick shift drivers like to play a more active role in driving and feel part of the process. The kind of transmission you end up with boils down to a personal choice.

So, back to our initial question: is transmission repair different for an automatic transmission versus a manual transmission? The short answer is yes, because – as stated above – a vehicle with an automatic transmission is more complicated to repair than one with a manual transmission. Additionally, manual transmissions typically require less maintenance overall than automatic transmissions.

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