Away with the haze and the old ’85 325e…

Happy Friday to you!  We’ve enjoyed sunshine the past few weeks, but today it has been foggy, cloudy, and rainy…which ties in with part of what we’ll be talking about below.  Nifty, eh?
Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

1. 2003 BMW 525i gets a new power steering reservoir and serpentine belts

2. Polishing the headlights on the Volvo

3. Sending an old ’85 325e and various parts to the scrapyard to be recycled

Last week, Reggie polished the headlights on the Volvo.  Each lens was a bit “foggy.”

Below, the driver’s side headlight has been polished, with a close-up of the results.  Click on the image to see a larger version!

The tools used for this quickie job:

Reggie works on the passenger side headlight.  You can see the haze being buffed away in the photo on the right:

This work made quite a difference!  Check out the Before and After:

The final results!  For some reason the passenger headlight is slightly yellow compared to the driver’s side, but you can still see that the haze is gone.

We hauled off this poor ol’ ’85 325e today…

…filled with old parts to be recycled…in the interior, under the hood, and in the trunk!

Reggie even loaded up a truck bed full of doors and hoods:

Off to the scrapyard!

We still have some M5 parts available, so please inquire if there is something that you are looking for!

And the 1986 e28 535i is still for sale!  Get all of the details on our Cars For Sale page!

Have a great weekend!

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