Bad Oxygen Sensor

Can a check engine light be a sign that your oxygen sensor has gone bad?

Bad oxygen sensor repair

When your check engine light comes on, it can mean any number of things, so it’s always a good idea to bring your car into a shop you can trust. One of the issues that may cause a check engine light to activate is if your car has a bad oxygen sensor.

First of all, what even is an oxygen sensor? Most modern vehicles have at least two or more, depending on whether your engine is naturally aspirated or turbocharged. The primary O2 sensor senses how much air is flowing into the engine. Your engine has a computer in it, and your O2 sensor can tell the computer if it needs to adjust the air ratio to gasoline. The secondary O2 sensor checks whether your catalytic converter is running properly. Usually, your car will run fine if the secondary sensor is bad. However, your check engine light will probably come on. However, if the primary O2 sensor is malfunctioning, that can cause some problems that you shouldn’t ignore.

What problems can a bad oxygen sensor cause for your car?

First of all, a broken primary oxygen sensor can cause your car’s gas mileage to decrease. This is because your engine won’t use an efficient ratio of gasoline to oxygen. This change tends to happen gradually, so pay attention to your mileage. If you realize you’re paying more than usual for gas, be sure to get your oxygen sensors checked out.

A faulty primary oxygen sensor can also cause your car to make more noise than usual when it’s idling, as well as cause your car to accelerate more slowly than usual, or worse – it can also cause your engine to stall. If you notice any of these issues, it could be an oxygen sensor problem, so be sure to bring your car in for our experts to look at.

There are other reasons why your check engine light (CEL) turns on. You may have a flashing check engine light or a static one, but either way, don’t panic. If your check engine light is static, it means something is amiss, but it shouldn’t be too urgent of an issue. If your check engine light is blinking, this can indicate a bigger issue, so definitely have a professional inspect your car as soon as possible. Drive safely, don’t speed, but prioritize bringing your car into a trusted auto repair shop.

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