Behind the Scenes on Project Varmit!

Happy Friday!  It's the 2nd official day of Fall, and we couldn't be more excited to welcome this beautiful season, perfect for spirited, colorful drives! If you're looking for scenic drives, check out the upcoming events with Hoosier BMW! 

We're back this week to share some behind the scenes footage of the build process for Project Varmit!  A month ago, Reggie drove in a High Performance Driving Education event on the Grand Prix course alongside other BMW, Audi, Porsche and more at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, hosted by MORPCA (Mid Ohio Region Porsche Club of America).  In short, he swapped an S52 with just 51,000 miles on the clock into an e30.  (For more details, check out some previous posts on the blog here, here, and here.)


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That's a wrap!  Thanks for tuning in this week!  Have a wonderful weekend! 

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