BG Fuel/Air Induction Service, Headlight Upgrades, + How a Pre-Purchase Inspection Can Save You Time + Money

Happy Friday!  We’ve got a lot to cover on the blog, so let’s get right down to business!
Last Saturday, we hosted the Hoosier BMW Club for a tech event featuring BG Products.  Reggie took photos during the event – thanks, Reggie!  If you’re interested in scheduling a BG fuel/air induction service on your vehicle, please give Nick a call at 317.773.0074!

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Here are some good reasons to do the BG Fuel/Air Induction Service:

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Chris, President of Hoosier BMW Club, demonstrated how to remove and replace a wheel bearing on his e30 M3:

2014-11-21_0029 2014-11-21_0030 2014-11-21_0031

Did you know that we perform pre-purchase and post-purchase inspections?  You may have read about this earlier in the week on our Facebook page.  A customer of ours brought us a 2004 BMW 330i with ZHP package that he was interested in buying.  Sure it was missing the stock wheels, and had a few details out of sort, but all in all a car that presents well. It drove well, no suspension noises, the fluids all looked okay, etc.

Then we put it on the lift…CarFax had noted some sort of accident, well, we found it. The passenger rear quarter panel had been repaired/replaced at some point, and maybe not sealed up as well as it should have been. Over the years, moisture has gotten into the repaired area and caused massive rust, most of which is hidden by the plastic rocker cover. It was so bad that simple prodding with a screwdriver caused a pile of material to be released on the ground.

In this case, a $150 pre-purchase inspection saved this customer from buying a car that had structural damage, which would have been difficult/expensive to fix properly. Glad we caught this one!

2014-11-21_0032 2014-11-21_0033 2014-11-21_0034 2014-11-21_0035 2014-11-21_0036 2014-11-21_0037 2014-11-21_0038



This sleek titansilber 2003 BMW M3 came in to have the cam/VANOS bolts replaced, to have a valve adjustment, to get a new door lock actuator, and for an oil change:

2014-11-21_0001 2014-11-21_0002 2014-11-21_0003

This schwarz II 2003 BMW 325i came in for heater blower motor repair, a new oil filter housing gasket, new VANOS oil line, air bag light repair, new wheel bearing, new front control arms and control arm bushings, new front sway bar links, repair of a cracked wheel, new tires, and an alignment:

2014-11-21_0004 2014-11-21_0005 2014-11-21_0006 2014-11-21_0007 2014-11-21_0008

How do you get a wrecked 1990 BMW 325i into the shop?  With a forklift!  This bimmer met its demise earlier this year in an accident and was totaled.  The good news?  The drive train and 5-speed transmission are going to be swapped into an e30.  An e30 that you’ve seen on this blog before!  That’s right!  The owner of this e30 cabrio will be getting a 5-speed swap from his own bimmer in 2 weeks!  Now that’s awesome news!

2014-11-21_0019 2014-11-21_0020

And last, but certainly not least, we have a 1981 BMW 633csi.  This e12 appears to have a Callaway turbo kit, and has been running poorly.  She’s in for diagnostics and to get back on the road!


2014-11-21_0009 2014-11-21_0010 2014-11-21_0011 2014-11-21_0012 2014-11-21_0013 2014-11-21_0014 2014-11-21_0015 2014-11-21_0016 2014-11-21_0017 2014-11-21_0018

If you are thinking of upgrading the headlights on your older BMW (with 5.25″ beams), you may want to check this out. We recently converted a ’91 318is (S14 swapped:)) from stock sealed beams to a Cibie H4/H1 set-up. It made a world of difference!  (Subscribe and see all of Reggie’s Motorworks videos on our channel!)

Just a note about Thanksgiving week.  We’ll be closed on Thursday, November 27th for Thanksgiving.  As for Black Friday, November 28th, we’ll be open for business!

That’s all for this week’s post!  Have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie Stewart

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