Carmel Artomobilia 2015

Happy Friday!  It’s almost officially the end of summer, however, that doesn’t mean it’s the last of great driving weather!  We are cruising up to Auburn for the car show and auction over the weekend!  Reggie’s Motorworks will be closed on Monday, September 7th, in observance of Labor Day.
We had a great time at Carmel Artomobilia this past weekend!  Below are photos of cars that were a part of Hoosier BMW’s car corral sponsored by Reggie’s Motoworks, along with some other cool cars of all kinds!  To see all of the BMWs as part of the entire image gallery, check out our Facebook page!  Please feel free to tag your car!  A big thank you to all who participated and who came out to support us at the event!  And many thanks to Nick H. and Nick S. for your help in preparing, setting up, working, and cleaning up as well!  We have an awesome team, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

What an honor it was to have Graham Rahal’s M4 in our corral for the event!  Thanks to his brother and friend (Hi Matt!) for arranging this!

2015-09-01_0053 2015-09-01_0063 2015-09-01_0054 2015-09-01_0056 2015-09-01_0057 2015-09-01_0061 2015-09-01_0058 2015-09-01_0059 2015-09-01_0060 2015-09-01_0055 2015-09-01_0062 2015-09-01_0065 2015-09-01_0064 2015-09-01_0066 2015-09-01_0067 2015-09-01_0068 2015-09-01_0069 2015-09-01_0078 2015-09-01_0073 2015-09-01_0075 2015-09-01_0074 2015-09-01_0070 2015-09-01_0079 2015-09-01_0077

I loved meeting this friendly pup!


And this cool truck was parked right next to our corral!

2015-09-01_0081 2015-09-01_0086 2015-09-01_0087 2015-09-01_0092 2015-09-01_0094 2015-09-01_0105 2015-09-01_0106 2015-09-01_0111 2015-09-01_0072 2015-09-01_0124


To see our entire gallery from the event, check out our Facebook page!

Wishing  you a relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

Written by Reggie Stewart

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