Creating Space, Cleaning Up, and Keeping it Green

It’s been another busy week here at Reggie’s Motorworks!  It’s me, Stephanie, back on the blog.  We’re making room for more cars with more parts to get your favorite ride just the way you want it!

We finished dis-assembly on the Bronzit 1987 325is this week, and sent the leftovers out to be recycled. We have found a new term for what we end up sending to the crusher…….“green car body”. This is a scrap term that refers to a car that has been completely stripped down to metal. No “fluff” for the crusher. We do this to salvage every last usable piece, but we also do it so that all of the non-usable parts and fluids get recycled or disposed of properly…..preferrably recycled. We send VERY little to the landfill, and we think Mother Earth appreciates this.

This past weekend Reggie enlisted the help of his brother, Mike, and our design guru, Kipp, to create an extra 200 square feet or so of space to store seats, glass, ’02 project parts and other bits and pieces.  And as luck would have it, Kipp has a wealth of construction experience, so he came up with the plan to get this project underway.   Our office and break area were essentially gutted.  The old, crusty drop ceiling was removed from this area to make way for a new ceiling, and more importantly, decking for our newest home to some old parts.  Ahh, the fresh-from-the-forest smell of plywood and timber!  It’s nice! We have added some lighting to the office and break area.  We’ve heard somewhere that appropriate task lighting is a good thing.

We have a fresh, new ceiling with lights.

And now we can see what we’re having for lunch.

In the background, you’ll see the office area, and the new space just above it.

View of the shop from the new space

We’ve done some more cleaning and re-organizing around the rest of the shop as well.

As of current plans, this glass rack will be rebuilt and will make its new home in the new space.

More parts!

Now  we’ve got the place cleaned up and back in working order, and we’re ready to clear more space on the shelves to make room for what rolls in next…….well it’s already here. We just picked up a 1990 325i sedan as the next e30 parts car. It’s in pretty sad shape (broken -belt – head removed and exposed to the elements, slight body damage, etc), but will definitely have some salvageable parts for your projects.   So stay tuned!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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