Dinan Exhaust, Renovation + Reorganization

Happy Friday!  We’re back this week with another edition of the Reggie’s Motorworks blog!  As we mentioned in our last post, our blogging calendar will be changing a bit.  We’ll continue to share photos, updates, and cool stuff happening around the shop and in the German auto enthusiast world and more!   For example, in a few weeks, the streets surrounding the Arts & Design District in downtown Carmel will be lined with all kinds of wonderful automobiles for Carmel Artomobilia!  Here’s a look at last year’s event!  We’ll have another great showing of BMWs of all types in the Car Corrals, so be sure to check it out!  The event will take place on Saturday, August 29th!  Check out the website for all of the details, including a special event happening on August 28th at the Lucas Estate, featuring collector cars!

Unboxing this shiny Dinan exhaust was like being a giddy little kid on Christmas morning!  This sweet system will be installed on a 2011 BMW 335i that was in the shop a few weeks ago for Dinan performance tuning!

This titansilber metallic 2005 BMW X5 4.4L V8 had rusted metal brake lines replaced.  This is the second automobile in the past 2 months that suffered from this issue!

It seems the cause may be salty debris from winter weather road treatments gets stuck up inside the very housing that protects the brake lines.  When that salt and water combination doesn’t have the means to properly escape, the result is rusty brake lines.

Major electrical issues needed to be addressed on this gleaming alpinweiss III bimmer, a 2010 528xi:

This sweet e30 came to us from the Greater Dayton, Ohio area!  Hi Jim!!!  She’s a 1987 BMW 325 in zinnoberrot.   On the list for this bimmer: lowered suspension with Bilstein and Eibach components, new drive belts, new front and rear brake rotors, pads, and sensors, new rear subframe bushings, and an alignment!


You may have seen a recent post on our Facebook page about some renovations going on at the shop!  We’re excited to share that we’ll be adding some new offices, an employee break area and meeting space, new designed customer lounge, and more!   I’ve seen some of the design details, and I cannot wait to see it all come together!



Last weekend, a hole was cut in the wall to make room for the new service writer counter!




With renovation comes the need for reorganization!   Reggie loves staying organized, especially when it comes to finding tools in his toolboxes!  I love how everything has its own place and is easily accessible!  Which reminds me that I should probably straighten up my own desk and office area!


Have a great weekend!

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