e30, X3, + 240D

It’s been a busy week here at Reggie’s Motorworks!  We’ve got a variety of automobiles to show you today!  Before we get to the cars, we have a few business notes.
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A while ago, we announced that we’re honored and pretty excited to be Indiana’s exclusive Independent Dinan Dealer!  This week, we have a titansilber  2011 BMW 335xi in for a Dinan tune and alignment.  Are you interested in finding out what Dinan can do for your Bimmer?  Give Nick or Nick a call in the office to learn more!  317.773.0074

Tomorrow we’ll be hosting a social event for the Audi Club!  We look forward meeting many new enthusiasts and cool people, as well as some familiar faces!  The event is from 12pm-2:30pm.  We’ll have brats and beverages!

Alright, let’s get to some cars, shall we?  First, we have this sweet e30 that you may recognize from the blog in years past – the 1986 S50 swap!  She’s in for e46 steering rack conversion, custom designed by Zionsville Autosport!  She also had the passenger side window motor replaced, an oil leak diagnosed, and an alignment.

2015-07-17_0016 2015-07-17_0017 2015-07-17_0018 2015-07-17_0019 2015-07-17_0020 2015-07-17_0021 2015-07-17_0022 2015-07-17_0023 2015-07-17_0024 2015-07-17_0025


A low coolant light and failed expansion tank brought this silbergrau 2006 BMW X3 into the shop. She also got new radiator hoses.

2015-07-17_0002 2015-07-17_0003

Next, an oil change for the 2004 VW Touareg:



What a beautiful automobile!  This 1977 Mercedes 240D came in for diagnosis of a water leak in the cabin:

2015-07-17_0004 2015-07-17_0005 2015-07-17_0006 2015-07-17_0007 2015-07-17_0008


Stalling issues brought this lightning blue metallic 2008 Mini Cooper to our shop:


A brake fluid flush and an oil filter change were on the list for this sleek 2007 Mercedes SLK280:

2015-07-17_0014 2015-07-17_0015

This Z4, a 2004 in toledoblau had some exterior lighting issues to diagnose, namely lights flickering while driving down the road.


We’ll wrap things up with this 2002 BMW 325Ci in stahlblau.  She came in for A/C leak repair, a brake fluid flush, an oil change, a new engine air filter, and replacement of a cracked oil dipstick:

2015-07-17_0010 2015-07-17_0011


If you check out our Reggie’s Motorworks Facebook page, you may have seen the following video that Reggie shared earlier this week.  You all know how we love our annual trips to The Vintage?  Well, BMWCCA made a fantastic video at this year’s event…check it out!


Happy Weekend!

Written by Reggie Stewart

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