Fastimes Indoor Karting with Hoosier BMW + Remington’s First Driving Experience!

With track events coming up this Spring, it's a fun time to hop in a go kart for some practice!  This past weekend Hoosier BMW club members joined us for the 5th annual Fastimes Indoor Karting Challenge!  Each driver participated in at least (3) 8-10 minutes races, with the top drivers advancing to a run-off and a feature race.  Now 8-10 minutes of track time may not sound like much, but having driven go karts here myself before, I can tell you it is both a mental and physical challenge!  After heated races, several participants enjoyed a tasty lunch at Scotty's Brewhouse, while sharing their experiences on the track that day as well as in years past.  

While drivers were encouraged to wear "driving gloves", gardening gloves with rubber grips would do the job as well.   Some drivers captured their efforts with a GoPro camera mounted on their helmets in hopes of bettering their lines for next year!  After the races, a short medal ceremony took place, along with some group photos to commemorate the day!  

Congratulations to the top 3 finishers!  Sean took 3rd place, Chris took 2nd, and 4-time winner Travis claimed 1st place!  Congrats, Travis! Thanks for making the drive from Kentucky to join us!  And thank you for sharing your video from the day with music by 2 Cellos!  What a great edit! 















Travis waved the checkered flag for his victory lap!

Thank you to Hoosier BMW for organizing this social event and to all who joined in the fun!  We'll see you next year for the 6th Annual Fastimes Indoor Karting Challenge!  

At the end of March, Remington participated in his first Indy Quarter Midget test drive event!  It was held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on a cold, windy day.  The weather didn't keep him from having a great time though!  Here are a few photos from his experience!  Many thanks to Nick Howard for letting us know about this event and to the folks at the event for making it so fun and family-friendly!

While waiting for his turn on the track, he got suited up!

After a brief explanation of what to do, he was pushed onto the track:

Remington did a fantastic job of following their rule – keeping off the grass!  

Of course, I had to document my little racer with his car!

As we were leaving the event, one of the staff asked Remington if he'd received his medal.  I think it's obvious that he was pretty proud of himself for doing such a great job!  Way to go, Remington!  

As a parent, this was so fun to witness, and who knows where this experience will lead him as he grows up!  No matter what he pursues, be it racing or professional skateboarding or documenting frogs in the rainforest, he'll always have two proud parents cheering him on!

Thanks for joining us this week on the blog!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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