Featuring The A-MMMazing Dinan X5M!

It’s Friday, and we’re back again this week with another edition of the latest happenings around the shop!  BMW celebrated a birthday this week, and, in honor of their special day, we shared this cool article: In Photos: 100 Years of BMW Cars, Motorcycles, Planes.  If you follow along on our Facebook page, you may have seen that link, as well as the fact that we’ve had the pleasure of servicing several Mini Coopers here this week!

Let’s jump right in with one of them now!  This chili red 2006 Mini Cooper came in for an oil service, for an inspection for possible oil leaks, for new front lower control arm bushings, and for an alignment.

2016-03-09_0014 2016-03-09_0015 2016-03-09_0016

Did you know that we are a Dinan dealer?  We had this sweet monte carlo blau metallic X5M.  She was here for the Dinan S1 Signature Package, which includes performance tuning, an awesome exhaust, suspension upgrades, and pedal covers.  The Dinan badge was custom painted to match the new Dinan exhaust tips!

2016-03-09_0001 2016-03-09_0002 2016-03-09_0003 2016-03-09_0004 2016-03-09_0005 2016-03-09_0006 2016-03-09_0007 2016-03-09_0008 2016-03-09_0009 2016-03-09_0010 2016-03-09_0011 2016-03-09_00122016-03-09_0017 2016-03-09_00182016-03-09_00192016-03-09_0013

Next we have this 2006 Audi A6 Quattro that was experiencing a parking brake malfunction, as well as shifting issues.  After a new ABS control unit and a new genuine Audi transmissions, she’s back in business.

2016-03-09_0023 2016-03-09_0024 2016-03-09_0025 2016-03-09_0026

This bimmer, a 2002 BMW 330Ci in japanrot, came in for an oil service, Road Force balance and tire rotation, new front brake pads, new trunk lock, new fuel filter, and new front control arm bushings.  In addition to an alignment, she also had her windshield washer jets properly aimed.

2016-03-09_0020 2016-03-09_0021

Last week I mentioned that our newest family member Emerson is already 2 months old! He came to the shop with me this week while I photographed some cars.  Here’s a quick photo of him enjoying some time in the shop!


Spring is just around the corner, which means that the countdown to The Vintage is officially on!  This year the date has changed to the weekend before Memorial Day, and the location has changed from Winston Salem to Asheville!  We are excited!  Get more information on their website!

We hope to see you at our upcoming event celebrating the 50th birthday of the 2002, featuring Mike Self!  RSVP and get details on our Facebook events page!


Have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie Stewart

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