For Sale: 1984 BMW 633csi

Happy Friday!  We’re back with a special edition of the blog.  As many of you know, we acquired a beautiful 1984 BMW 633csi last year at Auburn.  We have throughly enjoyed owning this bimmer, not only for her incredibly comfortable (and spacious!) interior, but also for her drivability.  She glides down the road with a certain elegance.  She was a dream to ride in for our trip to The Vintage in May.  I’ve never ridden in anything quite like it!  As a passenger, I loved the view this car affords.  And I also loved the storage compartment on the door – perfect for all of the chargers and cables that today’s technology requires.  Personally, I hadn’t driven the car until a few weeks ago.  I absolutely loved driving it!  Even though I was just taking her a short distance to the shop for more photos, I thought about finding a longer, scenic route to extend my drive time.  However, I was on a time-crunch, so straight to the shop I drove, enjoying every minute.  I liked this car since we first saw it at Auburn, and now after riding in it and after driving it for myself…well, let’s just say I understand more now the love that so many people have for their cars.  I understand why she’s kept inside during inclement weather.  In my book, this car is a relic.  A beautiful piece of automotive history.  One that seems almost impossible to come by again.  These cars do seem to find their way to us somehow though!  This bimmer deserves a wonderful home.  And that’s exactly what I hope for her!  It was so much fun to photograph her on this early fall evening a few weeks ago.  Let’s take a look!  If you’re interested in buying this 6-series, please give us a call at 317.773.0074.

1984 BMW 633csi: $12,500


Here are some of the finer details of the bronzitbeige-metallic beauty: 144,000 miles * 5-speed manual transmission * Records since new * Well-maintained * Fresh fluids * California car – NO RUST * Crack-free dash * Excellent mechanical condition * 16″ 740i alloy wheels w/nearly new Conti tires * Original 14″ alloys available

Everything works as it should – including 9-way power seats, gauges, lights, A/C, heat, windows, etc. Take note of the Custom dash cover.  Proper fitted wool seat covers (not pictured) are wonderfully comfortable, even in the summer months.


2014-10-17_0040 2014-10-17_0039 2014-10-17_0037 2014-10-17_0036 2014-10-17_0035 2014-10-17_0034 2014-10-17_0033 2014-10-17_0032 2014-10-17_0031 2014-10-17_0030 2014-10-17_0029 2014-10-17_0015 2014-10-17_0016

Thanks to faithful and continued use of the custom dash cover, this bimmer’s dash is in perfect condition:

2014-10-17_0017 2014-10-17_0018 2014-10-17_0019 2014-10-17_0020 2014-10-17_0021 2014-10-17_0022 2014-10-17_0023 2014-10-17_0024 2014-10-17_0025 2014-10-17_0026

This car’s custom dash cover has kept it from cracking:

2014-10-17_0027 2014-10-17_0028

The interior is in amazing condition, up front and in the back seat:

2014-10-17_0014 2014-10-17_0012 2014-10-17_0013 2014-10-17_0011 2014-10-17_0010 2014-10-17_0009 2014-10-17_0008 2014-10-17_0007 2014-10-17_0006 2014-10-17_0005 2014-10-17_0004






Written by Reggie Stewart

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