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It’s another sunny Friday here at Reggie’s Motorworks, and we love it!
Be sure to keep an eye on our Cars For Sale page to see what’s available!

Well, our “pending sale” on this e28 fell through this week, so it is still available! This is a 106K car with an amazing red leather interior and crack free dash. It just needs to be gone through mechanically as it has been sitting for 8 or so years.   Click here to see more photos of this e28 bimmer. We bought it as a parts car, but like a couple others we’ve had over the years, its just too nice to tear apart. We really want to see it go to a good home.

You can check it out HERE on eBay. The opening bid is only $900, so bid to win! If you have any questions, please give us a call.

We’re parting out a rusty 1984 325e with automatic transmission in saphirblau-metallic.  Click here to see the full gallery of photos.

Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes

Actually, the pearl beige sport seats are in pretty good condition.  One seam needs to be restitched, then a little Leatherique treatment, and they would look great!  Click here to see more detailed photos of these seats.  If you are interested in them, buy them now at a super deal. In the next week or so we’ll fix the bolster and leatherique them, but of course the price will go up!!

Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes

The engine was just hoisted out this morning by Reggie.

Reggie’s has also been working on an e36 with some knocking and idling issues. It turns out one of the spark plugs came loose (knocking), and somehow the tip got broken off (idling issues)! Oops…Remember to torque your spark plugs properly:

We hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend! It looks like we’re going to get a taste of spring here in the Midwest! We can’t wait to see 55 degrees!

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