Happy December!

Happy December!  As I worked on this post, I saw flurries flying by outside!  Winter is quickly approaching!  Do you need winter wheels and tires?  Do you wish to have your vehicle checked before the snowy season?  Give us a call at 317-773-0074 so we can be of service to you!  

There’s still time to donate new, unwrapped toys for Toys For Tots!  Thank you to everyone who has donated! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!  

Let’s dive right in to some work being performed in the shop this week!  We’ll start with the 2012 VW Tiguan SE 2.0 TSI 4motion!  She’s an all-wheel drive vehicle in for her 60,000 mile service.

This e28, a royal blau metallic 1987 BMW 535is, came in for diagnosis of oil leaks, for a performance inspection, replacement of the valve cover gasket, replacement of the rocker shaft cover gasket, replacement of front brake hoses, new drive belts, replacement of coolant reservoir and coolant hoses, as well as conversion of the A/C system from R12 to R134A with a modern A/C compressor. 

The 2003 Mercedes SL500 came in for diagnosis of trunk opening issues and for replacement of the trunk latch.

Next up, the 2012 BMW 535i GT x-drive!  This sleek carbon schwarz metallic bimmer came in for an annual service and for new rear brakes.

This pepper white 2007 Mini Cooper S came in to diagnose a check engine light and for a bi-annual service.

Engine noise and an inoperable parking brake brought this electric blue metallic 2003 Mini Cooper S to the shop.  She also received a new oil filter housing gasket. 

Remember our 1984 BMW 318i Baur TC?  She’s in the shop for some interior refreshment and for a new heart…an M20 engine!  Once the engine bay is thoroughly cleaned, it’ll be repainted.  Then the M20 will be installed!  It’s safe to say we’ll be anxiously awaiting Spring weather to get her back on the road!  

And here's the M20!

Thank you for tuning in this week!  Have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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