Happy Halloween from Reggie’s Motorworks!

Happy Friday!  And Happy Halloween!  It’s been a busy week!  Since it’s a holiday, and THE holidays are coming up in a few short weeks (this calendar tracks it down to the second!), here’s one fast and friendly way to shop for the auto enthusiast on your list:  Reggie’s Motorworks Shop!  We’ll ship anywhere in the US for $5. Shirts are $18 or two for $30.
We’ve got a short and sweet post for you!  Let’s get right to it!  Up first is a 2006 BMW 525xi in titansilber metallic.  She came to us with non-starting issues.  We removed and replaced the steering column lock as well as the eccentric shaft sensor.


2014-10-31_0008 2014-10-31_0009 2014-10-31_0011 2014-10-31_0010 2014-10-31_0012 2014-10-31_0007 2014-10-31_0006

Next, an e30 you may remember from previous blog posts (here and here), a 1991 BMW 318is.  She’s the one with the S14B52 engine – along with the drivetrain – out of an ’88 M3 that was rebuilt by Metric Mechanic and then with finished installation right here in the shop.  This time around, she’s getting the valance replaced, upgrading headlights, installing fog lights, replacing the fuel filter, replacing A/C compressor mount bolt that snapped off, an alignment, and a new steering wheel.  In addition to that, she’s getting a new rear view mirror with map lights and will have the glove box latch fixed.  Oh, and did we mention that she’s getting a Miller W.A.R. chip?   What does W.A.R. mean in terms of BMWs?  Great question!  It’s an acronym for Write And Remap, and it’s a “tuning solution” that can help you get the most of our your bimmer.  We’re a Miller Performance dealer, and we’d love to talk to you about all of the ways to get more control and performance from your favorite ride.  Give Nick a call in the office at 317.773.0074!  We’ve got W.A.R. chips in stock and ready for you!

2014-10-31_0001 2014-10-31_0004 2014-10-31_0002 2014-10-31_0005 2014-10-31_0003

If you’ve been checking out our Facebook page, you’ve probably seen the photos of the V10 header that’s being installed in this e60 beast, the 2006 BMW M5 in sepang bronze metallic.  Aside from replacing the catalytic converter assembly, we’ll be fabricating the existing exhaust pipe so that it properly connects to the new cat.

2014-10-31_0013 2014-10-31_0016 2014-10-31_0015

I love the interior styling of this e60!

2014-10-31_0017 2014-10-31_0014 2014-10-31_0018


That’s all for this week!  Our little Remington is dressing up as a train conductor tonight for Halloween!  He’s excited to Trick-or-Treat for the first time!  Ok, well, maybe I’m excited to sort through his candy!  Ha!

Have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie Stewart

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