In Full Swing! Plus Dinan and Classic BMW Goodness!

Happy Friday!  What a gorgeous week of fall weather we’ve had here in Noblesville!  Autumn colors are in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier about it!  Fingers crossed this sticks around awhile, like until Spring!  Speaking of great weather, it’s such a perfect time of year for scenic driving!  Join the friendly folks of Hoosier BMW on their annual Ohio River Tour  next Saturday!  Get the details here!
We’ve got some cars to show you, so let’s get down to business!

We mentioned in an earlier post that Nick was going to be swapping out his automatic transmission for a manual one in his e39, a 2001 BMW 525i touring.  While I didn’t get photos of the process, he said that he had a fantastic time doing the work!  He purchased all new parts for the job, including a new drive shaft and single mass fly wheel conversion.

2015-10-16_0020 2015-10-16_0021 2015-10-16_0022


This sweet 1988 BMW 535i came to us for a post-purchase inspection!  (Hi Ben!  Great car!!!)  She’s getting new upper and lower radiator hoses, new coolant reservoir hoses, new fuel hoses and filter, as well as a transmission fluid and differential fluid flush.

2015-10-16_0028 2015-10-16_0029 2015-10-16_0030 2015-10-16_0031 2015-10-16_0032 2015-10-16_0033 2015-10-16_0034


A post-purchase inspection was on the list as well for this 2001 touring with Dinan suspension, exhaust, and more!  She’s got just 55,000 miles on the clock too!  Everyone has just loved this touring!  And I can’t say I blame them!  Along with the post-purchase inspection, she’s in for new upper front control arms, new front wheel bearing, new front tires (the old ones were worn due to an incorrect alignment), and an alignment.

2015-10-16_0023 2015-10-16_0024 2015-10-16_0025 2015-10-16_0026 2015-10-16_0027


An oil service was in order for this titansilber metallic 2003 BMW M3:



With 100,000 miles on the odometer, a new clutch was needed in this sweet orientblau metallic 1994 BMW 850csi. If you follow along with us on Facebook, you probably saw photos of this beauty earlier this week!

2015-10-16_0013 2015-10-16_0014 2015-10-16_0015 2015-10-16_0016 2015-10-16_0017 2015-10-16_0018


An oil service and diagnosis of a rear brake issue were on the ticket for this 2006 Mini Cooper S:

2015-10-16_0010 2015-10-16_0011 2015-10-16_0012


A new radiator, new expansion tank, and new upper and lower radiator hoses were due on this alpinweiss III 1995 BMW 325i:

2015-10-16_0008 2015-10-16_0009


This schwarz II bimmer, a 2005 BMW 545i, came in with a service engine soon warning light.  She also received a brake fluid flush and an alignment.

2015-10-16_0001 2015-10-16_0002 2015-10-16_0003 2015-10-16_0004 2015-10-16_0005 2015-10-16_0006 2015-10-16_0007



Speaking of a beautiful car, we also have the honor of working on an Italian car, an Alpha Romeo Spider Veloce!  As Reggie said, we’re German car specialists, but occasionally we stray with special interest autos!  And we’re excited and honored to get our hands on this one!



That’s a wrap for now! Ciao!




Written by Reggie Stewart

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