In Need of Transmission Repair?

How to Tell

Outside of the engine, the transmission plays the most important role in the performance of your vehicle. It’s because of this major system that you’re able to quickly shift gears and control the RPMs. Drivers rely on it to properly control their vehicle, but that becomes difficult when the system is experiencing problems. In those situations, it’s important to recognize the signs and bring your vehicle in for service, as this allows you to get ahead of a problem before it worsens.

Think there are some issues with your vehicle’s transmission system? Reggie’s Motorworks is here to help. Before and during your next drive, make sure you look out for these classic signs of transmission trouble!

Leaking Fluid

Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid is never consumed. If you notice that the fluid has dropped in level, that’s a surefire sign that the transmission system is leaking. There are numerous causes for the system to start leaking, including a worn gasket, damaged bell housing, blown gasket, and more! You will need professional help to properly determine and fix the problem, so we recommend a service with us at your first convenience!

Bad Fluid

Along with the level of the transmission fluid, you want to check its quality as well. Like motor oil, the fluid can begin to deteriorate over time and may need to be changed. You’ll know if it needs to be changed if the fluid takes on a brownish color and has a burnt smell to it, the opposite of its traditionally pinkish color and sweet/ tart smell. If you notice that the fluid needs changing, schedule a fluid change or flush with our team! There are a variety of transmission fluids to choose from, and our team will help you pick the best one for your vehicle!

Abnormal Movement

When you switch from one gear to another, it should always be a smooth transition. The system was built for that, and anything other than that indicates a problem. If you suspect problems, pay attention to any signs of hitching, stalling, or rough transitions, as these are all signs of a failing transmission. Automatic users will notice this when switching from “Park” to “Drive” and vice versa, while manual users will notice whenever they switch gears in general. Not only does this reduce the quality of your drives, but it also makes them dangerous sochedule a service with us as soon as possible!

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