In Recognition of 5 Years of Service at RMW! Thank you, Nick!

Happy Friday!  Today's post is a special one…we're celebrating Nick Howard's 5 year service anniversary at Reggie's Motorworks!  We are so proud of what he has contributed over the years, and we're so very appreciative!  I asked the whole team here at RMW to share some words about Nick!  Helpful. Caring. Dedicated. Professional. Courteous. Diligent. Reliable. Respectful. Principled. Detailed. Particular. Client-focused. Loyal. Passionate. Determined. Patient. Trustworthy.  Those were some of the words we used to describe him and his work ethic.

On a day to day basis, he "keeps the business running smoothly while taking amazing care of our clients."  Another member of the crew said, "While I slowly work on my own personal projects, new questions arise almost daily.  Nick is always willing to lend an ear and share his experience and advice."  Furthermore, he "works hard to keep the schedule full every day" and "makes sure all the work for the day is in order."   Nick has helped me in many ways since the beginning by sharing notes on the work being done, by helping to organize events at the shop, and answering any questions I've had, always with a smile and asking how I'm doing.  In addition to being a husband to a beautiful wife and father to two handsome boys, Nick is a people-person, and it shows in the way that he greets, interacts, and develops relationships with his fellow colleagues and clients.  Another said, "Nick helps me more day to day than can be put into just a few sentences."


I asked the guys what it is that they appreciate about working with Nick.  Here are some of the responses:

"His interest to grow and be the best at all aspects of RMW!" 

"I know the necessary data will be collected and organized."

"His loyalty, his jump in and help attitude, his friendly demeanor and amazing attention to detail."

"He helps to keep customers very happy and keep them coming back."

"I appreciate Nick's commitment and personal investment to RMW. I've seen this business grow over the years and continue to see efforts to get better and better daily."

"I appreciate that Nick has dedicated his last 5 years to help make RMW the success that it is!"

It's always fun to come and hang out at the shop to prepare the blog!  And this week, I asked the guys for more help than usual, and they did so happily with a smile and without hesitation!  I asked them to share a special note for Nick's 5 year work anniversary, and here's what was said:

"Congrats!"  "Thanks, Nick!  Keep up the good work!"  "Congrats and thank you!"  "Nick has helped RMW grow through his desire to do things right and keep awesome records."  "Thank you Nick, for being part of allowing me to become a part of the Reggie's team! Working alongside you every day for the past two years has been great! You have been a big part of me being able to remove the phrase, 'I don't want to go to work today' from my vocabulary. I haven't said it in two years!" "Congratulations on 5 years of service, Nick!"

And now for some cars!

This alpinweiss III bimmer, a 2000 BMW M5, came in for a post-purchase inspection, removal and replacement of the hood latch and cables, diagnosis of lack of vehicle communication with diagnostic computer, diagnosis of check engine light, new lower radiator hose, engine degreasing to check for oil leaks, new guibo, new drive belts, new left rear outer ball joint, new rear sway bar links, new right front lower control arm, new wheels and tires, and an alignment. 

This spacegrau metallic 2010 BMW 335i came in for diagnosis of inoperable windows, door locks, and lighting:


Diagnosis of non-working heater blower motor, degreasing of engine to check for oil leaks, replacement of front upper control arm bushings, and an alignment were on the list for the 2008 BMW 335xi:

Meet David, our newest technician and team member here at Reggie's Motorworks!  More on him to come in a future post! He joined us at the start of the New Year, and we're happy to have him!  Welcome, David!



Both front xenon head light bulbs were replaced on the tornado red 2007 VW GTI, which requires removal of the front bumper.  We also inspected her for possible suspension upgrades.  Would you believe that this VW has over 300,000 miles? 

Again, congratulations on 5 years of dedicated service to RMW, Nick!  Keep up the great work! 

Thank you for joining us today here on the blog!  Have a fantastic weekend!

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