Interview with Carmel Artomobilia!


Welcome to the blog!  After wind, rain, and chilly temperatures, we're more than ready for the warmer weekend that has been forecasted!  Until then, let's take a look at some of the action going on in the shop this week! 

Before we get to some cars, let's take a look at Reggie's interview with Carmel Artomobilia!  What an honor it was to share some of our story and to be a part of such a wonderful event!  We are proud to be a sponsor of the event again this year, and to be in attendance as part of Hoosier BMW! Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 26th and join us in the Carmel Arts & Design District to see the streets lined with amazing automobiles of all kinds!


We're just a few short weeks away from our Swap Meet hosted by Hoosier BMW!  Get all of the details here for our event on Saturday, April 22nd, from 2pm-5pm here at the shop!


And now for some cars!  These two e30's belong to new customers!  I always love seeing e30's coming in, it means that their history and legacy continues!


A bi-annual service, replacement of front brakes, brake pads, and rotors, replacement of front thrust arm bushings, replacement of front lower ball joints, new tires, and an alignment were on the list for the 2006 Mercedes CLS 500:

This e28 is in Reggie's shop to assist with a European bumper conversion.  He will be fitting a Euro front valance, a Euro M5 lower lip, and welding in a lower rear Euro valance, while eliminating the U.S. bumper shock holes.

Diagnosis of runability issues brought in the anthrazit metallic 2001 BMW 530i.  Additional items on the list include replacing both intake boots, replacing the idle air control valve, replacing the crank case vent valve system with the cold climate version, replacing both tie rod assemblies, installing new tires, performing an alignment, and a bi-annual service.

This schwarz II 2011 BMW 328xi came in for diagnosis of runability issues, performing a cooling system pressure test, for an annual service, to replace all ignition coils, and to replace the valve cover gasket:


Next up for the mineral grau metallic 2014 BMW 328d, swapping summer tires and storing winter tires for the season and replacing the engine air filter:

The right rear window was stuck down in this black sapphire metallic 2007 BMW 328xi:


Performing an annual service was on the list for the titansilber metallic 2010 BMW 335d:

That's a wrap for today!  Thank you for joining us!  Have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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