Join Us for Our Cruise-In Friday TONIGHT! + Some Major Work on a Mini Cooper

The sun is shining here today at Reggie’s Motorworks, and we are so glad because tonight is our first official Cruise-In Friday!  We are excited about spending some time with fellow enthusiasts of all makes and models!  We are looking forward to a fun evening, and perhaps a friendly game of corn hole!  Click here for all of the details!
It’s been a busy week here in the shop:

1. Work on 2005 Mini Cooper: Replace front bumper and air deflector; replace fog light; replace front left fender liner, trim and clips; replace front body panel; replace 2 alloy wheels; overhaul left front suspension, including brake rotor, ball joint, strut, and control arm assembly; replace left drive axle shaft assembly; replace left steering tie rod, replace left rocker moulding, and a little paint work.

2. Reinforce subframe in 1991 318is.

3. Replace brake ducting in “Way Fast Whitey,” the 1987 325is track car.

Last week a 2005 Mini Cooper met a curb at a fair rate of speed. ( Here is the full gallery of photos.) Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident.  The passengers were all quite lucky.  In this photo, the wheel was removed as well as the front bumper so we could get a better look underneath.

Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes

Reggies MotorWorks | Repairing BMW, Audi, Mercedes

Reggie and Jordan are also working on reinforcing the subframe in Jordan’s 1991 318is.  Jordan purchased a reinforcement kit from AKG Motorsport.

Here is the original subframe:

And close-ups of the engine mounts that are shot:

Here’s a view of the other side of the same areas:

Jordan’s car is up on the lift for this shot of the reinforced subframe that we provided.  Nice welding!

We hope that “Way Fast” will enjoy his new orange brake ducting!

That’s our week in a nutshell!  We hope you enjoy your weekend, and we hope to see you at tonight’s Reggie’s Motorworks Cruise-In!

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