Maintenance Tips for Your Car’s Transmission

One of the most important aspects of auto repair is taking care of the transmission of your engine. Transmission issues can occur in several ways, but each symptom has various potential triggers, some needing extensive and often costly transmission repair. Below are some essential measures you can take to keep your vehicle’s transmission performing at its best.

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How to Keep Your Transmission Performing Properly 

Here are a few tips to ensuring your vehicle’s transmission runs smoothly and avoids costly transmission repair.

Schedule Routine Maintenance 

When it comes to preserving the transmission system of your transmission, it’s a good idea to schedule routine maintenance. Keeping up with your vehicle’s suggested maintenance schedules ensures that the transmission is thoroughly inspected to ensure optimum efficiency. If you are unsure how frequently you should have your car checked for transmission repair, consult your vehicle’s manual.

Check Transmission Fluid

Checking the transmission fluid in most cars, trucks, and SUVs is as easy as checking the oil. With the engine stopped, remove the transmission fluid dipstick, clean it, insert it again, and remove it once more. Your transmission fluid should be bright red, clear, and not have a strange smell to it.

However, if the transmission fluid is dark red or smells like it’s burnt, you may need to schedule a transmission service appointment to have a service specialist take a look around your engine.

Change Transmission Filter

Transmission filters need to be inspected and changed almost as frequently as the other filters in a vehicle. Although most newer cars do not have a transmission filter, older vehicles may need their transmission filter replaced during each transmission flush. Consult your owner’s manual if you are unsure if your car has a transmission filter.

Change Gears Properly

Lastly, one of the best things you can do to prevent significant transmission problems is to shift gears only when your car has come to a complete stop. When the vehicle is still in motion, changing gears puts unnecessary tension on the transmission and reduces its effectiveness over time.

Quality Transmission Repair Services in Noblesville, Indiana

If your vehicle is showing any signs of transmission failure, it’s critical that you schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience. For quality transmission repair services that you can rely on, come see us at Reggie’s Motorworks in Noblesville, Indiana today. Our certified team of mechanics will inspect your transmission and provide you with high-quality repairs to give you the best ride possible.

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