Many Mini’s + Audi and BMW too!

Happy Friday!  It’s been another busy week here at Reggie’s Motorworks!  And it seems that this week’s theme should be Many Mini’s…or An Audi Lot of Mini’s!  Ok, ok, so my knack for puns may not be on par, but, hey, it’s Friday!  And that means the weekend is here!  Speaking of the weekend, tomorrow we are hosting the Hoosier BMW Club for an event featuring BG Products from 10am-2pm!  If you would like to attend, please RSVP to  Lunch will be provided.
Ok, let’s jump right to some cars!

An oil change, a tail light issue, and some power steering noise brought this 2005 Audi A6 Quattro to the shop:

2014-11-13_0044 2014-11-13_0045

A new coolant expansion tank  and new coolant was needed in a 2004 Mini Cooper S (not pictured).  A second Mini Cooper S, an ’07 chili red one, came in for a new heater core:

2014-11-13_0032 2014-11-13_0033 2014-11-13_0034 2014-11-13_0035 2014-11-13_0036 2014-11-13_0037 2014-11-13_0038 2014-11-13_0039

This 2003 montego blau BMW X3 with 5-speed manual transmission came in for a new transfer case, as well as new transmission and differential fluids, and an oil change:



Two more Mini Coopers, both not pictured, were in and out of the shop!  The first, a 2004 Mini Cooper in indie blue, came in to have the cooling system tested and to get an oil change.  The second, a lightning blue 2007 Mini Cooper S, had a check engine light to diagnose.  She also had her 100,000 mile scheduled maintenance and an oil change.

In for new belts and tensioners, this sapphire black metallic 2008 BMW X5 has the 4.8L V8!

2014-11-13_0040 2014-11-13_0041

A check engine light and 105,000 mile scheduled maintenance were on the list for this 2009 Audi A5 Quattro:


This liquid yellow 2002 Mini Cooper came in for diagnosis of an overheating issue:

2014-11-13_0015 2014-11-13_0016 2014-11-13_0017 2014-11-13_0018 2014-11-13_0019


A power steering leak repair brought in this British Racing Green 2004 Mini Cooper, a John Cooper Works edition:

2014-11-13_0011 2014-11-13_0012 2014-11-13_0013 2014-11-13_0014


Another lighting blue Mini Cooper S (2007) was in need of cooling system leak repairs:

2014-11-13_0007 2014-11-13_0008 2014-11-13_0009 2014-11-13_0010


This 1999 e36 M3 in titansilber came in with a check engine light and to have winter wheels and tires installed.  We’re a Tire Rack dealer, and can have the wheels and tires you need ordered and shipped directly to us for installation!  And ask us about our off-season tire storage options!  Give Nick a call at 317.773.0074!

2014-11-13_0004 2014-11-13_0005 2014-11-13_0006


Diagnosis of misfires was in order for this arktissilber 1998 BMW 540i:

2014-11-13_0020 2014-11-13_0021 2014-11-13_0022

We’ve mentioned recently that we’re a Miller Performance dealer.  Here Reggie shows us how he installed the Miller W.A.R. chip.  W.A.R. stands for Write And Remap.

2014-11-13_0023 2014-11-13_0024 2014-11-13_0025 2014-11-13_0026 2014-11-13_0027 2014-11-13_0028 2014-11-13_0029 2014-11-13_0030 2014-11-13_0031

Lastly, this 2008 BMW X3 in montego blau metallic came in for new tires and to have a new key fob made:

2014-11-13_0001 2014-11-13_0002 2014-11-13_0003


That’s a wrap for this week’s edition!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Written by Reggie Stewart

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