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Hello! Welcome to the Reggie's Motorworks blog!  This week, we'd like to introduce the newest member of the RMW team, Travis!  He's ASE Master Certified, and comes to us with German car training.  Welcome, Travis!  We're so excited you're here!  He's performing a bi-annual service on this sleek spacegrau metallic 2009 BMW Z4 3.5i:

This 2007 BMW X3 came in for replacement of the valve cover gasket:

Diagnosis of air suspension issues, a bi-annual service, re-sealing of the lower oil pan, degreasing the engine bay to clean and check for possible oil leaks, replacement of oil filter housing gaskets, brake fluid service, new engine air filter, new cabin air filters, and Road Force Balance and tire rotation were on the list for the 2009 Mercedes R350:

Next is this topaz blau metallic 2002 BMW 325i.  She's in for diagnosis of intermittent central locking issues, inspection for rattle near the front suspension, diagnosis of inoperative windshield wipers, replacement of engine air filter and cabin air filter, a headlight reconditioning service, and straightening of a bent wheel.

While in for diagnosis of SMG transmission performance, this 2003 titansilber metallic M3 also had an annual service, new windshield wipers, new tires, and an alignment:


We've been fortunate to have some fantastic fall weather lately!  No doubt that this pretty 2002 cabrio will be ready to enjoy some more time on the road!  She came to us for diagnosis of an intermittent check engine light, replacement of the coolant thermostat, and replacement of the engine air filter and cabin air filter.  As preventative maintenance, she also had her crank case vent valve system replaced with the cold climate version.  Why?  Great question!  Doing so serves to prevent failure in extreme cold temperatures. 

Our 1984 BMW 318i Baur TC has enjoyed some fall driving before getting ready for winter storage!  Speaking of winter storage, did you know that we can help you prepare for winter and save space in your garage by storing your off-season wheels and tires?  Give Nick S. or Nick H. a call in the office to get more information!  Our number is 317.773.0074.

Thanks to my little helper, Emerson, who's already 10 months and starting to cruise! 



Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more day-to-day happenings around the shop!  Thanks for joining us this week!  Have a great weekend!

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