Mt. Lawn, here we come!

Back in March, Reggie looked at a few BMW’s that were for sale.  Upon inspecting one BMW 318i in particular, he found that it wasn’t suitable to put back on the road or to use as a parts car.  However, it was quite suitable to become a hornet car!  Sure, the floor pans are rusted out on the driver and passenger side.  And, there is some rust near the tail lights and along the bottom of the car on each side.  Piece of cake after the Baur restoration, right?Phone calls were made to Sean, Reggie’s friend, and fellow hornet car admirer.  It was confirmed that Reggie’s Motorworks would officially enter the world of hornet racing!  The dream began a few years ago after visiting the Speedrome in Indianapolis – the flag pole race, the fans, the crazy figure 8 race!  Ok, maybe the crazy figure 8 racing was not part of the dream, but the beauty, or lack thereof, in the hornet cars really got their wheels turning.  (Pun intended!)   For the past several Monday evenings, Reggie and Sean have been taking anything and everything off of this car.  What was left of it, anyway.   And, Reggie’s Motorworks has recently added a new member to the team named Jordan.   He’s also helped in reducing the overall weight of this future hornet.

Do hood pins make this car official?  I think so!

No door handles needed.  They’ll be welded shut!

Inside the race car.

Formerly the back seat and back window area.

Although the emblems have been removed, everyone will know and love this car.

Every race car needs a sweet gear shift knob.  This one will do the trick (This is all the “M-Power” this car can handle) !

Ignition, check! Battery master shut-off switch, check!

And of course the brake and gas pedals!  Yes, the floor pans are toast right now, but we’ve already

got some sheet metal lined up from various donor cars found in a local junkyard.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Where exactly will this car be racing?  Mount Lawn Speedway!  If you’re not too sure what hornet racing is all about, be sure to check out their website, and the rules for the 4-cylinder (unless it’s front wheel drive, in which case you can drive a V6) category in which this car will compete.  Basically, this is an economical way to have some fun, since the car cannot exceed $500 in value!

Stay tuned…we’ll be adding some safety features, including a roll cage and harnesses, and, of course, a proper race seat.

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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