New Parts Cars:1991 M5 and 1983 320is! …And What Not to Wear

Happy Friday!  We’ve had another busy week here at Reggie’s Motorworks.  We’ve got some new parts cars to show you…the M5 and the 320is.  Reggie also worked on a 1987 325i convertible…more on that later, please keep reading!

Let’s start with this poor ol’ ’91 M5…she’s seen better days, that is for certain!  We’re hoping to turn her around though…

As you can see, she’s saved quite a few souvenirs from fall…so many leaves were packed around the engine!

First thing to do is get rid of all of those leaves, and whatever else might be lurking inside. She’s been sitting for the past 8 or 9 years, so maybe we ought to cut her some slack.

The passenger side is not so hot either.  Scratches and dents, it ain’t pretty, folks!

An ugly patch of rust on the passenger side by the trunk.  How did that happen?!

Still looks mean from the front though!

Despite the cracked windshield, the interior is very nice.  The black leather seats are beautiful!  And quite comfortable!

All the leaves have been removed, and the nasty oil has been drained.  Now it’s looking a little bit better…

With a delicate hand, the rusty throttle body linkage was loosened, old spark plugs were pulled, and the mighty engine was turned over by hand.  The good news is that the engine was not stuck.

***As of publication time, the starter is firing!!!***

Here’s a look at Reggie’s trip to Cincinnati a few weeks ago when he picked up the ’83 320is.  It was a beautiful fall day for a drive to pick up an ol’ Bimmer.  Parts from this one will go to the ’69 2002…and we’ll have some parts leftover for your Bimmer as well!

The truck and trailer were eager to get something cool to haul around.  Too bad the tractor didn’t come with this car!  Oh well, we wouldn’t have room for it here at the shop.

A look at the interior…Recaro seats!!!

The gentleman selling this car also had a few other Bimmers on his property.

This interior is a great candidate for some Leatherique… and some good old fashioned TLC wouldn’t hurt either.

Alas, it was time to load up the trailer and head home.

You may be wondering about the last part of the title of this post, and how it could possibly fit in with BMW’s, e30’s, or cars in general.  Well, it was a stretch, but, hey, it got you asking questions, right?? At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that Reggie worked on a very nice 1987 325i convertible for a great customer of ours.  He’d been having some performance issues with his car, and brought it by the shop during our Black Friday Sale last week and had Reggie take a look.  Here’s what he found:

The guibo was in sad shape, to say the least. And that’s what not to wear!  Although, it will make for some cool art to have around the shop.

Have a great weekend!  Reggie plans to work on the 2002 again tomorrow, so we’ll keep you posted!

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1987 325is, 5-speed View the full gallery here.

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