New shop truck/daily driver – done deal!

Well, its Sunday, and you can tell that I am in vacation mode because I have the time to blog!
Anyway, on Friday I mentioned that I was working a deal with a fellow hoosier to make a trade. My poor old, yet charming, 1980 Volvo 245 wagon, along with a  wrecked 1983 245 turbo wagon for one running/driving 1991 Volvo 240SE wagon (for you non-Volvo guys a 245 is a 240 w/ 5 doors…..i.e. wagon…..the Swedes just used different model designations in different years to keep us on our toes.)

I was sad to see the old green beast go, but I am glad to have a bit more of a modern version for daily transport.  The ’91 “only” has 172K vs. the 353K miles that were on the ’80, so I expect it to get us by until I fall into the right deal on an e34 wagon (or find a way to MAKE time so I can build an e30 truck.).

Here are a couple of quick shots of the new RMW shop truck:

We’ll be open for sales Monday-Wednesday this week, although response times may be a little slower than normal. After that, responses will be minimal from 12/24-01/02. I’m not saying that I won’t reply to emails/phone calls, just don’t have high expectations.

I may even have time to babble on about something else before Christmas!!

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