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It’s been another busy week at Reggie’s Motorworks!  We’re gearing up for our 6th annual road trip to North Carolina for The Vintage!  Stay tuned to the blog for photos from our adventure!  Here’s a look at last year’s event!
Let’s get to some cars, shall we?   Oh, we probably ought to explain our title of today’s blog post!  We’re honored and so very excited to announce that we’ve been selected of offer Dinan products, as in becoming the exclusive independent dealer in Central Indiana!   Stay tuned for more details!

This Dinan cosmos schwarz metallic beauty, a 1995 BMW M3, came in for installation of new HID fog lights.  At the time these photos were taken, I knew we weren’t able to announce this exciting news publicly just yet, but I knew I’d be able to at least let a little teaser slip in!  Then later the same day, we announced the news on our Facebook page!  So it’s official, and we are pumped to offer Dinan to our clients!

2015-05-14_0007 2015-05-14_0008 2015-05-14_00112015-05-14_00102015-05-14_0009 2015-05-14_0014

First, we have this black sapphire metallic 2006 BMW M5.  She came in with rodent damage to wires in the main engine harness. She’s getting several new connectors and wires replaced.

2015-05-14_0001 2015-05-14_0002


Next, this 2000 BMW 323i in orient blau metallic came to us after someone else replaced the motor and was unable to get her running.  We’ll gladly help!

2015-05-14_0003 2015-05-14_0013


Oil leaks at the oil filter housing gasket and brake vacuum pump were on the list for repair on this lightning blue 2007 Mini Cooper S.  She’s also getting her sunroof rails cleaned and lubricated.

2015-05-14_0004 2015-05-14_0005 2015-05-14_0006


We’ll wrap up today’s post with this titansilber metallic e46, a 2004 BMW 330Ci.  She’s in for installation of a limited slip differential, and an e46 rear subframe reinforcement upgrade.  Why the upgrade?  This bimmer is headed for the track!  That’s right!  It’s for preventative measures.  She’s getting new differential mounts, new rear trailing arm bushings, new rear subframe bushings, and new engine mounts – all of which are being converted to polyurethane!

2015-05-14_0015 2015-05-14_0016 2015-05-14_0017 2015-05-14_0018 2015-05-14_0019 2015-05-14_0020 2015-05-14_0021 2015-05-14_0023 2015-05-14_0024 2015-05-14_0025 2015-05-14_0026 2015-05-14_0027 2015-05-14_0028 2015-05-14_0029 2015-05-14_0030 2015-05-14_0031 2015-05-14_0032 2015-05-14_0033 2015-05-14_0034 2015-05-14_0035


Thanks for joining us here on the blog!  Happy Weekend!   And wishing a Happy Early Birthday to Reggie!  May 20th is one of my favorite days of the year!  🙂

Written by Reggie Stewart

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