On Track at IMS with MORPCA!

Happy Friday!  It's mid-August, and the school year has started here in Noblesville!  Our son, Remington, is now a proud and excited kindergartener!  He has loved riding the school bus, playing with friends, and learning so many new things in these first 13 days of the year!  And his little brother, Emerson, has just started attending preschool a few days a week!  We're still in summer mode, however, with the warm days and sunshine!  And this past weekend, we traveled to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to watch Reggie, Nick, Nick, Sean, and some more friends drive with the MORPCA for much-anticipated time on the famous track!  The weather couldn't have been any nicer for a late summer event!  The boys loved cheering as loudly as possible for their daddy….they were certain Reggie could hear them over all the engine noise!  😉  Check out last year's blog here


One reminder before we get to the photos!  Mark your calendars for Artomobilia on Saturday, August 26th in the Arts & Design District of downtown Carmel!  Click here for all of the details of the event!

Ok, on to the photos!


The Varmitt performed quite well this year!

Nick Howard's e30 track car was looking good out there!  The boys and I were cheering for this car too!  It's easy to spot!  

Nick Sartor is a driving instructor and enjoyed time on the track as well when he wasn't coaching!


Remington, Emerson, and I found a cool spot atop a grassy hill to watch all of the cars fly past us.  I will be the first to admit, I am not a motorsport racing photographer!  It is a challenge to capture these fast cars speeding by at over 100mph!  We did get to meet the event's official photographer, who showed us some of his work from last year….amazing!  And of course, he has access to some pretty awesome locations to get those epic shots that you might expect when driving at IMS!  

There goes Chris!!!


For whatever reason, I photographed several red cars!  



We were watching in a passing zone and got to see Reggie point over the top of the Varmitt, indicating that the person behind him could pass.  

That's a wrap for this week!  Thank you for joining us here on the blog!  Have a great weekend!

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