Progress on Project Varmit

August is here!  This month we're looking forward to track time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and to hundreds of cool cars at Carmel Artomobilia!  Check out the link to learn more about this unique event held in the Arts & Design District!  This year marks their 10th anniversary!


If you've been following our Reggie's Motorworks Facebook page, you may have already seen the latest progress on Project Varmit.  Reggie has closed the sunroof with an aluminum panel, complete with beading, to save weight.  I think it looks pretty sharp!  

Traveling to our shop all the way from Iowa on a trailer, this sweet mystic blau metallic 2003 BMW M3 has only 16,000 miles on the clock!  She came in for diagnosis of an overheating issue.  

We love e30s! This next bimmer, a brillant rot 1992 325i cabrio, came in for diagnosis of an intermittent brake lining warning light. The instrument cluster bulbs were replaced.  Inoperable A/C was also diagnosed.


On the list for this sparkling graphite metallic 2008 BMW 335xi was diagnosis of runability issues.  The transfer case assembly was replaced as a result.

Replacement of front upper control arms, an alignment, and a bi-annual service got this 2000 VW Passat GLS back in road-ready condition: 

The bimmer pictured next to the VW above is one of our loaner cars.  Did you know that we provide loaner cars to our customers while their vehicle is in our shop for service?  This particular one is a schwarz II 2009 BMW 528xi.  In addition to loaner cars, we also provide a shuttle service to get you where you need to go, as well as to pick you up when your vehicle is ready!  This is one way that we try to make your experience with us as smooth as possible!  

Next up is this 2011 Mini Cooper S in horizon blue metallic.  She came in for a post-purchase inspection, as well as to diagnose a check engine light.  We replaced an oxygen sensor to resolve the issue.  In addition to performing a bi-annual service, she received a drive belt replacement and a new engine air filter.  

We've had the honor of servicing this bimmer, a 1999 BMW M coupe, for a number of years!  She was in to diagnose clutch pedal concerns.  The clutch pedal and hardware were replaced to resolve the issue.  She also got new front and rear springs, new rear tires, and an alignment.

We'll wrap up this week's post with this 1982 BMW 320i in Baltic blau metallic.  She came in for diagnosis of a sticking parking brake and for a slight wobble in the steering.  While in the shop, she also got a new oxygen sensor.

Thank you for joining us here on the blog this week!  Wishing everyone a fun and relaxing weekend!

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