Project 2002 Underway!

After a week of dreary, misty, foggy weather here in the Midwest, the sun has finally come out!  It’s Stephanie here, and I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Friday!  The time has finally come where some progress will be made on our project 1969 2002, and we are very excited!  We’ll be working in the shop tomorrow to make some headway, so we want to post a few photos to share in the excitement and keep us motivated.

Remember when Reggie removed the seat mounts?  If not, click here for the details.  Tomorrow he’ll be fabricate brand new seat mounts.  This milk crate is just not very comfortable!

The passenger doesn’t fare much better, there’s no seat at all!

The is sport steering wheel pictured here will be for sale in the near future.

See the holes in that panel in the back seat?  Reggie will be removing that panel and replacing it with metal from the 1970 2002 that left the shop a couple of weeks ago.  Recycling at its best!  Go Green!

The tired old dash has been sent off to the upholstery shop to be re-wrapped.  It’s missing from this photo because it was sent off this morning.

This is the backseat area.  You can see part of the hole mentioned above.

Mirror, Mirror, what do you foresee?  How about….

…the perfect steering wheel for the ’02!  We recently acquired this vintage wooden beauty made by Nardi, complete with 2002 hub adapter.  A big thank to local ’02 enthusiast, Ben Younce, for providing us with this! This fine piece most likely steered another ’02 before making its way to us.  Although we’d love to get this installed, we’re going to hold off so that it doesn’t get damaged during fabrication of the seat mounts and other interior work.   Maybe we could just put it on for the sake of a photo…hmm…I’m sure Reggie wouldn’t mind, that way he could get used to how it will look!  I’ll have to get on this!

Here’s a recap of work to be done…..or at least started tomorrow:

  1. Fabricate seat mounts for the driver and passenger seat.
  2. Remove and replace metal panel in the back seat where the speaker holes are.
  3. Possibly install that sweet Nardi wheel for just a few minutes.

We’re working on getting more photos of the 1987 325is that is currently for sale.  Until then, have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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