Project Update: 1969 BMW 2002

Happy Friday!   It’s been another busy week here at Reggie’s Motorworks!  We’ve made a little progress on our 1969 BMW 2002.   We cannot tell you how excited we are to get this Bimmer back on the road!  This will be one trip to the BMV that we’re looking forward to for sure!   Here are some photos.  And, remember that we did say that just a “little” progress has been made.  Hey, progress is progress, right?  Click on the images below for the full-size view.
You’ve seen the donor 1973 BMW 2002…well, we’ve taken the passenger side door and put it on the 1969 Bimmer.   So far so good!

Enjoy your weekend, and stay tuned for more updates!   Don’t forget about the Car Show tomorrow, July 11th, in Plainfield at Ziebart!  Click here and scroll all the way down in the post for all of the details!

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