Reggie’s Motorworks’ 8th Annual Open House is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our 8th Annual Open House here at Reggie’s Motorworks!  We look forward to a fantastic event!  And we can’t wait to show our appreciation for all of you who continue to support us!  Get all of the event details on our Facebook page here!  We’re putting all of the final details in place, such as trophies and door prizes!   Keep your fingers crossed for great weather!
And now for a short and sweet post about a few of this week’s happenings around the shop!

This fantastic 1989 BMW 325i in Cirrusblau is getting ready to head on a long road-trip.  A timing belt job, along with new oil seals on the front of the motor, a new water pump and thermostat, as well as a valve adjustment should make for a smooth journey.  In addition to this, she’s getting all new shocks and struts as well as an alignment.

Did you know that we upgraded our alignment equipment earlier this Spring?  We now feature the Hunter Hawkeye Elite!  With this comes factory specifications, including any weight that may need to be added to get a proper alignment, for BMW, Mini, VW, Audi, and any other vehicle we may work on.  Call the office to speak to Nick or Nick to schedule your appointment! 317.773.0074

This next bimmer was totaled in an accident, unfortunately.  We acquired the chamonix 1978 BMW 320i from the owner to save parts from it, such as the engine, transmission, and differential.  As luck would have it, the transmission and differential will make their new home in one of our customer’s bimmers, a 1968 BMW 2002!


We’ll wrap things up with this cheery 2007 Mini Cooper S in chili red.  She came in for diagnosis of a rough running issue.  A failed CCV valve was found in the valve cover.  Also, the timing chain had stretched causing the engine to go out of proper time.



If you’re looking for more car stuff after attending our Open House on Saturday, be sure to check out the annual Father’s Day car show at Forest Park here in Noblesville!

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day weekend to all fathers!  Much love to Reggie, I’m so proud to call him my husband and father of our son, Remington!  And to my Dad, the best Pawpaw that Remington could ask for!  Love you both!

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