Reggie’s Motorworks: Proud to be a Certified Bosch Car Service Center

It’s March, and the countdown to Spring has begun!  Now we just need all of this snow to melt, and we’ll be on our way!  Last week’s blog was a quick one, so we’ve got a bit more in store for you today to jump start your weekend!
Aside from events we’ve recently discussed, like go-karting, BMW performance driving education, and our Open House, we’ve been planning our annual Swap Meet.  The past few years, we’ve endured rain and snow.  This year, we’re pretty sure we won’t have snow…we’ll be announcing details soon!  

Ready for some cars?  Let’s do this!

A new crank case vent elbow and hose were needed on this dark gray 2003 VW Passat GLS:

2015-03-05_0007 2015-03-05_0008 2015-03-05_0009 2015-03-05_0010



Diagnosis of the intake manifold runner flap brought in this 2007 Audi A8:



A check engine light in this titansilber metallic 2003 BMW M3 needed diagnosis:


This e30, a 1987 BMW 325 in zinnoberrot, came to us for a timing belt job, a water pump, thermostat, front oil seals, oil change, repair of a rusted brake line, and to rebuild a shifter with a short shift kit:

2015-03-05_0018 2015-03-05_0019 2015-03-05_0020

Exhaust leak repair was on the list for this e36, a ’98 323is:



The owner of this 1983 VW Rabbit GTI thought the engine timing might be off.  We found that the diesel pump was only held in place by 1 of 6 bolts.  We’re tracking down the correct bolts, and we’ll be doing some further diagnostics once we get them in.

2015-03-05_0023 2015-03-05_00242015-03-05_00272015-03-05_0026 2015-03-05_00252015-03-05_0028


A leaking vacuum pump and leaking gaskets for the oil filter housing brought this 2006 Audi A4 Quattro to the shop.  She also got an oil change.

2015-03-05_0014 2015-03-05_00152015-03-05_0016


We interrupt this blog post for a brief public service announcement!  Did you know that Reggie’s Motorworks is proud to be a Certified Bosch Car Service Center?  It’s been almost a year since we’ve had the honor of being selected for this!  To become certified, each service center must pass a rigorous certification process, based on technical skill, customer service, and facility design and appearance. This means we can also offer better ways to pay for your service!  Give us a call for more information!  317.773.0074  And now back to our regularly scheduled program!




When I visited the shop this week, Reggie was working on disassembling and detailing the throttle bodies for the 2002’s S14.  I also got to see the S14 on the engine stand after he detailed the valve cover.  If you follow our Facebook page, you probably saw a before and after photo that Reggie posted earlier this week.

2015-03-05_0029 2015-03-05_00302015-03-05_0034 2015-03-05_00312015-03-05_00332015-03-05_0035


Stay tuned for more next week!  Have a great weekend!




Written by Reggie Stewart

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