Rejuvenation + Winter Preparation

Welcome back to the blog!  It’s been a colder, rainy week after such wonderful fall weather!  Let’s hope we get some more of that warmer weather back before Winter comes around!  The weather didn’t stop us from having a great week in the shop!  Let’s take a look!
This e30, a 1991 bronzit beige metallic 3-series, came in for rejuvenation.  You may remember this bimmer’s story.  The original owner used the money he saved up when he quit smoking to buy the car.  She’s been parked outside for the past year and a half or so.  Her paint is crazed.  However, after some work here in the shop, she’s going to the paint shop to be repainted her original color.  After receiving her pre-restoration inspection, these items and more were on the list: repaired rust under battery tray, repaired a fluctuating fuel gauge, repaired stuck door locks, oil change, differential fluid change, new fuel filter, new spark plugs, new engine air filter, new timing belt, oil seals, water pump, and thermostat, new distributor cap, new power antenna, new window switches, new convertible top shocks, new oil pan gasket, new transmission pan gasket, and new tires.  This e30 will be so ready to get back on the road!


Next, a 2005 BMW 530i in orientblau.  She’s in for an oil pan gasket, engine mounts, cooling system check, new front upper control arms, and an aligment:

Torn CV boots brought in this sterling grau metallic 2006 BMW X5 4.4i.  She received a new right front axle.

Some of you may know that Nick S. in our office has a slight obsession with driving and racing!  Well, here’s a peek at his track car!  She’s a 1987 BMW 535i who was in need of a coolant drain and fill.  Having formerly lived in Texas, this bimmer had only distilled water.  With no issues of freezing weather this was just fine.  Now that she’ll be in Indiana for the winter, she needed proper coolant to protect her from the freezing temps that we’ll most definitely experience at some point in the coming months!


Diagnosis of cruise control issues and installation of TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) in the wheels brought this sweet Audi to our shop.  She’s a 2008 S6:


Reggie spent a little time in his workshop prepping this cart to store tanks that can be easily rolled around where needed:

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