Silber, Sonora…Spring!

Happy Spring!  This week has been filled with some sunshine and warmer temperatures, for which we are all so thankful!  The shop was packed when I went to take some photos…let's take a look!


Speaking of Spring, this bimmer looks like so much fun to drive!  She's a 2004 BMW Z4 in malediven blau II in for diagnosis of coolant leaks, to replace the water pump and thermostat, to replace drive belts, to replace windshield wipers, and for a bi-annual service and a brake fluid flush.


Diagnosis of electrical issues and runability issues brought this titansilber 2001 BMW 325i to us: 

Next up, the 2006 BMW X5 in Toledo blau metallic.  She's in for diagnosis of electrical issues, fluid leaks, replacement of alternator and battery, replacement of the secondary mass air flow sensor, and replacement of the fuel filter. 

This black sapphire metallic 2010 BMW 535xi came in for diagnosis of runability issues: 

An annual service, replacement of key fob battery, replacement of engine air filter, replacement and registration of the battery…on the list for the titansilber metallic 2012 BMW 535xi: 

Our touring is making an appearance on the blog!  She's sterlingsilber metallic, a 1990 BMW 320i. She's getting a new valve cover gasket, installation of a coolant by-pass valve, replacement of rear trailing arm bushings, replacement of sway bar bushings and sway bar links. 

This next bimmer, a titansilber metallic 2008 535i, came in for diagnosis of coolant loss.  We found that the oil cooler seals leaking internally, causing oil and coolant to mix.  So we replaced the oil filter housing and oil cooler seals, drained and refilled the cooling system, performed a bi-annual service, decreased the engine, replaced the front thrust arm bushings, performed an alignment, replaced the engine air filter and cabin air filters. 


And for the next silver bimmer…oh wait, just kidding!  This Sonora metallic 2006 BMW 325i came in for diagnosis of smoke coming out of the exhaust and to perform a charging system test. 

Reggie has been working on a special rust repair project for this 1987 BMW 535is.  After removing the rust, the rear valance will be replaced for a European bumper conversion.  She'll also be getting a new Magnaflow exhaust!  Sweet!

Last weekend, Hoosier BMW hosted a fun day of go karting at Fast Times!  Each heat was filled with speed and competition, and it was down to the wire to make the finals!  Our friend Travis from Kentucky won gold again this year!  Thank you to everyone who attended!  




Emerson (below) had fun cheering on Daddy!  Remington had fun cheering too, however, he's discovered the video driving game and didn't get in the photos!

A friendly reminder that the Swap Meet hosted by Hoosier BMW is coming up in a few weeks!  Join us on Saturday, April 22nd, from 2pm-5pm right here at the shop!  Check out all of the details here!

Have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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