So long, ol’ Bimmer!

Happy November!   While we’ve set back our clocks, we’ve moved ahead in freeing up even more space here at Reggie’s Motorworks.

This 1970 2002 Bimmer has seen better days, that’s for certain!  We’ve been picking her apart, keeping various bits for our project car, and selling other parts to fellow enthusiasts.

Last time on the lift

All fluids have been drained in attempts to turn this red bimmer ‘green,’ as we mentioned last week.

Take a look inside.

Reggie and Bruce back her out of the shop.

Note: These photos have been edited for dramatization purposes.

Despite the rust, you gotta love the styling of this car.  Poor ol’ thing.  Ok, moving on!

On the trailer and ready to go.

Heading east to the scrap yard…so long, ol’ Bimmer!

Have a great weekend!

Written by Reggie's Motorworks

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