Spring is in the Air!

Happy Friday to you!  It’s been a dreary day, but maybe, just maybe, it will clear off for our Cruise-In Friday event tonight!  Here’s a photo from last Friday – thank you to all who attended!

Last week, we took the Baur to a beautiful location for some spring photos:

It’s been another busy week here at Reggie’s Motorworks, as more and more people get excited to get their bimmers in tip-top shape for spring and summer motoring, road trips, and track time:

1. Changed oil and replaced sway bar end links in a 2003 BMW 525i.

2. Performed track/safety inspection and installed a new fuel hose on a 1989 325i.  We can’t wait to show you this car!  The owners just moved here from Washington, and are excited to meet fellow e30 enthusiasts.  This husband and wife team are very active in auto-cross events, and they love their Bimmers!  It was great to meet them last Friday at the Cruise-In!  Welcome to Indy, Justin and Jenna!

3. Leatherique treatment on interior. Rebuilt power antenna for 1993 325i cabrio. Not only was the antenna mast bent, but the fitting was broken off.

Left: Broken Fitting; Right: Normal Fitting.

Removing the bent mast and a view of the inside of the antenna assembly:

When these two pieces were sandwiched together inside the antenna assembly (see photo above), they spun freely, and as a result, did not pull the antenna. The culprit? A plastic tab had broken off inside the half on the right.  When put together, that little piece of plastic fits above the plastic bit on the left. The two halves turn together in unison to pull the mast.

One new antenna mast and seal, coming right up!

Reggie used a wire brush to clean out any debris in the tube.

Now the new antenna can be fed into the unit. Then it’s tested to make sure it’s working properly before being installed in the car.

Reggie is also currently installing the keyless entry system from the M5. More to come on this project!  For now, here’s a look at the tools Reggie will be using to complete this project.

“Way Fast Whitey” performed nicely last weekend at Putnam Park for the Hoosier Chapter BMW CCA Rites O’ Spring event. Here are a few photos of “Way Fast” and some of other drivers (click on each photo for a larger view!):

Have a great weekend!

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