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Happy Friday!  We’re back with another edition of the blog!  Thanks for joining us!  Fall is here, and we’re starting to see some red, gold, and orange hues that the Midwest is famous for!  It’s a beautiful day out so far this morning!
A few announcements!  Hoosier BMW is hosting an autocross this Saturday, October 3rd, at the Indy Executive Airport in Westfield!  Check out their events page here for all of the details!   If you’re looking for an autumn driving experience, the 7th Annual Ohio River Tour may be perfect for you!  Get the details here.


We’ve got some of the latest happenings around the shop to share, so let’s jump right in!


This 2009 BMW X5 came to us with intermittent no-starting issues.  Before coming to us, she had visited 2 other non-specialist shops.

2015-10-01_0001 2015-10-01_0002 2015-10-01_0003 2015-10-01_0004


The transmission had been popping out of reverse on this 2007 BMW 328i.  So she’s getting a new one, along with a new clutch!

2015-10-01_0009 2015-10-01_0010 2015-10-01_0011 2015-10-01_0012

Brake failure brought this e36 M3 into the shop.  She’s an M3-4-5…an M3 with 4-doors and a 5-speed transmission from the factory.  Pretty slick!  On the list were new rear brakes and calipers, new rear trailing arm bushings, new front tie rods, and an alignment.

2015-10-01_0005 2015-10-01_0006 2015-10-01_0007

This sweet 2008 BMW 650i came to us with no-start issues.  While she was here, she was in need of an oil service, along with diagnosis of her intermittently working convertible top.

2015-10-01_0014 2015-10-01_0015

And you may see a pattern here… This 1998 Audi A4 Quattro also experienced intermittent no-start issues.  In this case, a failed engine speed sensor was the culprit.


If you follow our Facebook page, you may have seen the e36 M3 that Reggie acquired a few weekends ago in Illinois!  He’s known the owner for several years after meeting at a track event and eventually buying the same gentleman’s e30.  She’s going to a new home, certain to be put to good (fun!) use on the track again!


Stay tuned for photos of this next bimmer!  She belongs to Nick S. in our office, and he’s going to be doing a manual transmission swap!   Her current transmission failed on his way back from St. Louis.  So now’s the perfect time to get his e39 touring exactly how he wants it to be!

2015-10-01_0018 2015-10-01_0019

That’s a wrap!  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details cruise-ins and other events!  Have a fantastic weekend!

Written by Reggie Stewart

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